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آزمایشگاه شیمی معدنی دکتر علی نعمتی Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory , Ali Nemati Kharat

Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory , Ali Nemati Kharat

Research interests involve synthesis and assembly of heterogeneous & homogeneous catalysis and functional materials with particular interest in precious metal based catalysts and supported metal oxides, zeolites and  mesoporous materials. Zeolites  and mesoporous materials (e.g. MCM-41, SBA-15) are used as support materials for catalyst preparation. The approach in our research is to combine the outcome of several techniques into a unifying picture of the complex nanomaterials. Improved methodologies for preparing catalysts, including novel processes such as supercritical methods for preparing high activity and greener catalysts are interested. Major catalytic studies involve selective hydrogenations, hydroformylation and amination reactions.